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I’m Julianne McCarthy. Designer and Stylist with a passion for branding, photography, strategic thinking and analog creating.

Julianne Gross is a designer, art director and stylist born and raised in a small Kansas town currently working in Kansas City, MO. She holds the position of designer and meetings and events producer for Hallmark Cards.

She has a passion for branding, collaboration, styling, letterpress, photography, paper and the design experience. She thrives best in an environment that is highly collaborative and creative.

Julianne began her professional career as a graphic designer for the mobile app, Front Flip and quickly moved into a leadership role as associate art director. Following Front Flip, she shared her talents with EAG Advertising & Marketing as their art director.

Fresh and fearless, Julianne adapts to her surroundings and can fill any role she is asked to. Her experience includes art direction, email design, HTML email development, point-of-purchase materials, company brand identity, marketing/promotional materials, trade show graphics, mobile design, photography and photo styling.

She loves being involved in the Kansas City design community and currently serves on the AIGA board as their director of programming, planning events around the city. Julianne strives to bring people together inside and outside the workplace.

She recently was awarded 4 Fountain Awards from the Business Marketing Association (BMA) for Email Marketing, Publications/eNewsletters, Event Marketing, and Collateral/Promotional Materials.

Fun Tidbit: Julianne’s first job was making pizza and donuts at Casey’s General Store.  Of course her favorite pizza is Taco! When not working, you’ll most likely find her camped out in a coffee shop, visiting one of Kansas City’s many vintage shops, riding her bike or tinkering with her Line-O-Scribe letterpress.

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